A car seat protector covers your vehicle’s seat when you want to carry a kid or pet that you know will soil or harm the seat’s fabric in one way or another. For the newborns up to 13 year old toddlers, you have to carry the child in his baby car seat at the back. This can be forward facing, rear facing or booster seat. But the plastic seat can scratch or tear away the vehicle seat fabric as you drive. That’s why it’s important to cover the back seat with an auto seat mat.

As you go on the trip, your child will also be eating or drinking something, and all the remnants will be strewn on the car seat if it has no cover. Similarly, a pet like a puppy or cat can get mad and start scratching the auto seat fabric and you would have to replace it.

My best car seat protector is the Gorla Premium universal fit and waterproof seat cover. It is the best deal for safeguarding your awesome auto seats. It is made to universally fit all vehicle seats and it is 100 percent waterproof and sweatproof. It can therefore act as a car seat protector cover for your leather or cloth car seat fabric when you are sweating after hitting the gym. You can also use it to shield the seat from spills and remnants of foods and drinks, pet fur, grime and daily dirt. You therefore enjoy a stress free ride and stress free maintenance afterwards because the vehicle doesn’t require much washing.

Non-slip reinforcement- ordinary auto seat mats may slip out of place when you hit a bump but Gorla Premium features special non slip backing that prevent slipping and bunching ensuring that both the car seat protector and the vehicle seat won’t move no matter how much the car shakes.

Non-stick guarantee – you know you loath the sticky nature of nylon or leather car seat covers when you are sweating after a workout. This auto set towel is made of neoprene that is comfortable and won’t stick to your skin.